Microblading 3D Eyebrows

Eyebrows, just like our hair, vary depending on genetic factors and environmental factors. Although having sparse, thick or thin eyebrows is caused by genetic factors, it is possible to change this condition. Nowadays, an increasing number of permanent makeup applications also offer solutions for eyebrows, which most people have problems with.Manual microblading eyebrows technique, which is an ancient Japanese tattoo technique, has managed to become the last point in the world in eyebrow design and has become a favorite of women.

Most people who have sparse eyebrows resort to many methods to make their eyebrows look fuller. The Microblading Eyebrows technique used in permanent makeup procedures strengthens the expression by giving the eyebrows a fuller look. In the microblading eyebrows process, color pigments give shape and fullness to the eyebrows in accordance with the skin color. This method of tattooing on the real eyebrow is performed in a similar way to the old manual hand-made tattoo technique. However, it is not a tattoo, it is a cosmetic permanent makeup procedure .The duration of its persistence is up to 12-18 months .This procedure, the eyes and gaze become more noticeable

As with any procedure, personalized and sterile needles are used in the microblading process. Although the microblading eyebrows process is similar to the tattoo technique, there are differences between them. People do not feel any pain or pain during the microblading eyebrows procedure. Only a slight stinging sensation is felt during the microblading eyebrows procedure. Anesthetic creams are applied to minimize the stinging sensation and pain.

It is extremely important to choose the paint suitable for the person’s eyebrow color before starting the procedure. The procedure is started by processing the selected paint on the skin under the eyebrow. Another difference between it and the tattoo technique is the depth that decays below the eyebrow. When going deeper in the tattooing process, microblading eyebrows is superficial and there is no destruction in the eyebrows process.It is a purely cosmetic procedure .

Microblading Eyebrows application is a semi-permanent method. The permanence of the application varies depending on the skin structure of the person, the moisture content and the potential of the hair on the eyebrow. As the cells are renewed over time, the dyes in the areas where microblading eyebrows technique is applied are broken down. That is why the transaction disappears within 12-18 months.

Almost every permanent makeup specialist has combined his own permanent eyebrow technique with the microblading eyebrows technique and increased its artistic value.

The quality of each microblading process is not the same, so you should review the specialist’s work and experience when deciding on the process.

Microblading eyebrows application is very important and certainly experience and expertise are very important.we have made thousands of applications, trained hundreds of students, you can check out our work at the link below and decide