Lip Blush Colour

  • Semi-permanent makeup techniques are becoming very popular all of the World . Lip cosmetic micropigmentation ) is a semi-permanent cosmetic make-up technique which is great for adjusting the irregular shape and color of the lips and to lighten dark lips. It is also effective in making the indistinct and unclear lip line more vivid. It can also help in case of uneven spots and vitiligo on the lips. Lip cosmetic micropigmentation is done to enhance the beauty of the lips not for adding volume or fullness.
    The semi permanent makeup lip micropigmentation procedure
    In lip micropigmentation micro pigments similar to traditional ink tattoos are deposited on the epidermal layer of the skin covering the lips.
  •  Specialist Aesthetican And Medical Pigmentation Specialist Mehmet and Assistan Specialist will do a detailed examination of the health of your lips and discuss your expectations in detail
  • We will check the thickness and tone of the upper and lower lip lines after which we will design the lip line
  • A local cream anaesthesia is applied to the lip area to reduce pain
  • The colour that suits your lips is selected
  • The micro pigmentation machine is setup
  • A gentle pressure is applied with the tip of the machine needle and the ink is deposited in a sequential manner
  • A bearable pain might be experienced at the treatment areas
  • The treatment area is gentle massage for better insertion of the color
  • Since this is a semi-permanent lip color technique the lip micropigmentation fades away in few years, so we recommend patients to come for a touch-up once a year.

If micropigmentation is done by inexperienced person then there might be chances of bruising and post treatment pain. Poorly sterilized equipment can result in an infection. At The Beauty Aesthetic Clinic in London all lip micropigmentation treatments are done by our medical director Specialist Mehmet in a disposable hygienic clinical environment.

The complete procedure takes about 3 hours. The post treatment healing can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Pre-Procedure instructions
  • Ensure you lips don’t have any cold sores/blisters
  • Ensure enough hydration of the lips since smoother skin retains pigments better than dry, flaky skin.
  • Post-Procedure instructions
  • The colour will naturally fade in the first 2 weeks post treatment which is expected
  • Ensure that you don’t pick your dead skin after the procedure
  • Ensure you keep your lips moisture
  • Try to stay away from spicy and salty foods

We recommend for a follow-up in 4 – 6 weeks

Only one session is required, with a touch-up every year.